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Friday, May 14, 2010

Bust em Up

I think I need a videogame chair with dual joysticks and an
encompassing orb surrounding it. Huh? Blame dave n buster's I just live
in this world.

I gotta say spending so much energy worrying about my appearance to
other people today has really tapped me out. Even though I was sleep
half the time lol.

A ride I'm definitely equipped to handle, I just didn't think today would
be the day for such things. Wrong again, but I'm NOT complaining no
time for that. Merely stating my displeasure with the way. some things
were handled in the realm of communication..

Damn that's tough lol

Ummm oh whenever I decide to start shouting out people in my life I
feel bad cause I purposefully leave folks out. Well you should know what
it is (and those that don't that's exactly what it is! Confusion covering

Basically I have you all in my heart. Sh*t the day I forget about some1
right? Dead*ss though unless you was some slide I shouldt've been talkin
to in the 1st place we good money! =p

Ahh retributions from past mistakes.. You can't say I didn't learn
anything! Or ahhh to be perceived to have learned something from the

I'm thinking T.I. Here. Speaking of which, how many more pointless
interviews are there going to be for him? If its a promo run cool I got you
get your money my dude. Its the interviewers I'm taking up the beef

Its been so well documented what happened to T.I. Can we stop
rehashing and actually get back to the MUSIC?? That's the most common
thing now when it comes to this sh*t.

Make it about the music. And keep it about the music.

I mean if a videogame is fun I'm not gonna hate cause it came from a
specific producer or studio. That's retarded. Need I tie that in with a
music analogy? (Jess??)

Anyway maybe I'll post it later, I just thought Larry King was stuck on the
boring topics. For me anyway...

So I'm leaving Dave n Busters FINALLY! No more tap lemonade. Hello
crystal geyser (my fav. Water...?). Just thinking of home..

Who misses my face? No answer to that question means I'ma stay waay
in the background. Not a bad thing but I'm kinda hoping some1 answers
so I can wild out.

Family time is over!

*3 cheers for Turtle wildin out!!*

_ _

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