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Friday, May 14, 2010

vacation time the genesis

What up Kiki?

Kinda feel obligated to start like that may Kiki and I take the reasons to our grave lol. In all fairness I know I don't exactly do the best job of keeping up with everybody.

Then again, people don't exactly do a very good job of keeping up with me either.


Point being I've come to the realization maybe Kiki needs more shine than she's been previously given. No problem with that, we have some things to catch up on don't we??

Time will tell... But don't be a d*ck about it geez lol (btw the playlist goin right now is crazy!!)

Jess is scowling somewhere, unless she gets the new whip then I'm good.

Geanna I'm in your city! Lol refer to the previous paragraph its complicated.

*more scowls*

'Damned if I do damned if I don't' but damn it I won't ever hold my tongue, everyone that matters to me is going through self change. Time to get in where I fit in.

Alex what's good? We got some catching up to do too! You out here and I only see you by 'accident' lol its all good though, I know what it is. As should you.

With summer vacation literally starting today I gotta wonder where all the pieces will be positioned 3 to 4 months from now. I guess there's quite a bit on the line when I take time to step back and look at the big picture.

Freakbody my dude its past time my dude. Time to put your body where your mind been why not this side then? (you gotta be high to get that.. Or hIghly inquisitive and knowledgeable bout the moves I'm making.

*everybody's confused*

Uhhhh Bron Bron what gives?? That was NOT what I expected. I told everybody Cavs in 7 even after the slip-up in game 5, but damn yo... Its about to get ridiculous with the speculation. Jay-Z already calling into sports shows lobbying.

Its been 1 day!

Cali aint doing so well can't Obama set something up to jump start our economy? Hmmm I'm kidding, but dead*ss how worse off is Cleveland going to be if he leaves?

See? Even I'm a victim (already). *speculation*

Yooo can we get 2 soul claps for hip hop? Damn if it hasn't been AMAZING these past months. I mean I've been very happy for a few different reasons. I'm assuming that means the rest of the world's been ecstatic.

Shout out to Nas, Damian Marley, Eminem, Charles Hamilton, Jean Grae, Jadakiss, Lupe, Blu, Fabolous, Asher Roth, Diggy (ill!!!!), J.Cole, B.o.B. (Paperboy!), Drake, Hov, Wiz Khalifa, Wayne, Talib & Hi-Tek, 50, Mos Def, Kid Cudi, Clipse, Outkast (can't wait for that Big Boi album)... Who else have I been rocking with... Fashawn, Dipset! Lol.. Kanye of course (ready for a crazy joint anyday now), Slaughterhouse, Cee-lo, Jay Electronica, Common.. That's all for now lol they deserve it though!

{*mostly just shout out to CH right Jess? Smh*}

I wanna get more into this sacramento music scene. I went to a few shows and I wasn't completely turned off to it, so there's hope! Lol I'll be giving some major shine to the 1st couple artist that really catch my ear.

916 all day ya heard!? Lol

I miss my facebook page already! But the deletion of that was so necessary. Some day I'll be back on there to share memories and smiles with my REAL friends. Til then pardon my back.

Twitter's getting ready to catch the same fate. I dead*ss don't like spies. I despise them lol. Not really I'm just wanting to zone it in. Family, Inner circle, the rest of you.

I don't feel like 'the rest of you' should be rewarded access to sh*t I'm doing. Cause you don't know me, and you don't care to GET to know me. So why should I care if your context is always inside the box I stepped out of?

Again why should I care your context Is always inside the box I stepped out of?

Again.. Lol jp point received I'm guessing. The stupid part is 'the rest of you' don't even know about the blog or care to take time to read it once its discovered.

So who's ridiculous in this situation? Them, or me for talking to them knowing I'm being ignored? Its ok I don't take any of you seriously.

It's only when I find out the people I thought/think are on the same page as me aren't that I really get to bugging anyway. (You paying attention yet?)

I like where I'm at though, simply because I'm not comfortable. Its either stay stagnant blanketed with that uncomfortable feeling or stick with the far fetched (to them) plan I laid out in my head this time last year.

Setbacks aside, my seed been growing. Its just a matter of how much of me I'm going to dedicate to nourishing it. Basically I have the keys, the driver's seat, the condo, and the safe.

Speaking of seed's and keys. I'm looking forward to being a positive male figure for a few youngins. Its important and another thing that's past due..

Lastly, I guess don't ride if your unsure you can handle the trip.


_ _

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