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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Half-Baked Confessions

So I was literally toasted last night. Had a nice post about it all too. See I was at a party and my berry broke so I grabbed Jess' Iphone and started going IN. Yooo I was not playing lol. The party was wack, I don't really even like parties like that, but shout out to the birthday girl!

Anyway, I was basically secluded in my little corner downing that good ol' 'firewater' already a little out of it prior to even arriving at the party so yeah, I was definitely 'osted' lol.

The highlight of the party had to be the ill convo I had with the bday girl's bf  and some other guy. Spoke on Eminem, Kanye, Wayne, T.I., B.o.B, Asher Roth, I know there were more but it was cool. They aint really have points that I agreed with but hey, hip hop ftw.

Lakers are struggling in the 4th right now. ugggh I don't feel like dealing with the emotional anvil that comes with an LA loss, so hopefully they pick it up. I have some CRAZY posts planned that were done and well on the way to being posted. However, due to the nature of the posts (they are personal for me) I decided to hold off and expand on a few of them.

I don't want to be the 'bs-rrr' but all I can say right now is the important ones contain cartoon characters. Yeah...

The other WAS entitled 'friends' but was on the now broken blackberry of mine. Bummer... I had a lot to say in that 1, and it actually was the spark that got me going on the 'personal blog post' kick.  I'm not tripping, just another day to expose some fake friends.

Definitely made that sound like I was just going to be bashing those who've wronged me (in my eyes anyway), and that's not the case. Just have a lot I want to get off my chest. By that I mean not write to myself in my notebook/phone. So for those that send me txt msgs with the 1 word answers/replies (I don't like those at all btw makes me want to throw my phone like a knife to the space between your 2 eyes) you have no excuse for not having something to talk about.

LA lost series is tied at 2-2. I sheepishly predicted last night while on my drunken binge that LA was taking it in 5 lol. I know its that was a longshot to begin with but I was trying to be daring.. *sighs*

Bring on the anvil lifters.

And they better bring steroids.


dig it.


_ _

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