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Friday, June 11, 2010

And So I Blog..

Feel like talking but the convo got shut down. Relapse and Recovery were the subjects. Eminem is the best rapper alive.


Relapse was super dark in its sound and moreso its content, but maintained to be a lyrical beast. I for one love the album. Em's crazy stories don't bother me one bit because he creates them with such lyrical mastery that its hard for me to NOT appreciate how artistically gifted the man is. I'm not even going in..

I do however challenge any1 to listen to 'same song and dance' with your eyes closed and not see exactly what Eminem is depicting in that song. Dead*ss go do it. Here I'll help...


Equipped with lyrics for you folks that can't follow directions.

Recovery may be the most lyrical album I've ever heard. I'm not trying to gas it either. I don't know how I feel about the album in terms of ranking it or whatever just yet, but its damn good.

That Marshall smh... I'm going to do some shuffling in my top's and favorite's lists soon most likely. Going to be changing the blog up too in the very near future. I love what great music inspires lol.

I've still yet to hear Big Boi's Andre 3000-less album. Summer's bout to heat up!

Recovery Review? My 'lists' breakdown? I'm considering both.

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