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Monday, June 14, 2010

Troubling Thoughts

If you really love and care about people refrain from putting these into 1's head. Never does this result in positive results, at least not in my experiences. Neither here nor there however..

So many different sounds infiltrating my ears and I'm loving it! It's about the only thing keeping me from flipping out right now. That and Marley's pretty face =) I've already planned to lay my head wherever she designates tonight. Me and my b*tch.

I'm not feeling the double standards on words more than ever right now, Like its truthfully pissing me off a little bit. Recent arguments have made me think about things like this lol. Think about it though, when your upset, AND engaged in a verbal shootout aren't you trying to hit the other person? Maybe its just me, but I'm not going to get shot at and then shoot to mis by 5 feet. Just doesn't make sense.

With that said, what's the one word that women find offensive pretty much across the board? Taking that away is like saying I'm not allowed to snipe you when I clearly had the chance 5 min. ago on some 'Why don't you shoot him already! frustrating cliche movie sh*t' Its silly.

Anyway the frustration is felt in all categories from me rigt now. Freedom of Speech ftw =)

That's 2 smiley things in 1 post, I'm trIipn.That reminds me of Squishy, Meroki, Freakbody, Rora, Kansas and everything in it. Loving my memory right now.

More to say, but it can wait. I'm good now.


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