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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What A Day!

The day trecks on. I’m exhausted, no doubt about that. I’ve been exhausted since 10:30 PM last night though. I’m still trying to figure out how I got through the night like I did. Well I know how, but I wont say as it wasn’t the only thing serving as my caffeine intake.

Man I’m tired… Where will I sleep??

Downtown is lovely, so I love it. I feel like bad moods wouldn’t linger for long here. Just too must nature and people movement. Too much to focus on.

Coke… The poisonous cycle continues. Speaking of cycles. That laundry I spoke about is still waiting to be laundered. Only I can’t see it happening anytime soon. In fact, I estimate that said laundry will take ATLEAST 3 hours.

I will not be defeated by fatigue, or want for ‘other’ things. I need to stay focused, but there’s so much keeping me out of focus at the moment………………………..

*found it*

Only took me more than half the day, but I found my focus. I’m not giving myself enough credit. I’ve been dragging through every activity I’ve faced today. Just about done, but is done ever really done? No. It isn’t.

My baby is sleeping off her surgery at the hospital and I’m supposed to be leaving to acquire her soon. Stay strong Marley! That’s my muf*ckin B*tch to the end right there!!

Jean Grae is 1 funny emcee. Charles introduced me to the ‘your favorite emcee’s are actually real people… sometimes’ club and she has upped it a bit I’d say. Just extremely funny. I guess that’s why I’ve decided to be exhausted only in physical form….


Random (sorry for that), Entourage new season this Sunday. Entourage. Boondocks. 1 big thing of ‘something’ swear to the skies. It’s going to be a great weekend.

Ok back to this… Exhaustion. Yes, I’m sleeping in it. I wish… Mentally I’m good. I’m happy, I’m good being happy. Just have to get through a few more things. I don’t know what’s going on tonight but I’m going to go for a massage (hehehehehehe) and a nap.

Oh yeah, it’s hot. F*ck this heat.

Just a tidbit of info I thought was VERY interesting. Eminem has once again outsold ALL of his peers' first week sales. INCLUDING DRIZZY DRAKE. I believe the numbers were roughly around 550,000. Roughly anyway.

It's just welcome change when 1of the top people doing it in hip hop has the SKILLS to back up whatever sh*t he may decide to talk, and the numbers as well. I love it!

In the future?? Hmmmmmm

_ _

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