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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hmmm? "Friends" R My Weaknesses

I guess I know why I don't have many friends, and those that call themselves friends of mine are often looked at by me as barely acquaintances. Being recognized for playing ball is cool (I guess..) but I've never really been comfortable around those I'm not close with anyway, so when people come up to me like "yooo what's good man?" I'm left to either have a blank stare (I don't recognize 90% of the people who do this), or fake it until I can place if I remember them and from where.

Anyway for the unlucky few who have access to me as "friends" it's perfectly clear you don't understand me. Not 1 bit. No real issue by me, I could careless. After all that's kind of the reason I write so much. I'm obsessed with what you don't get and then some. I don't get just about everything, so I let my eyes and mind approach 'everything' as such.

*Ya'll Not Diggin Hard Enough*

Shouts to MERON lol I struggled to spell it out correctly I like my little nicknames what can I say? I truly believe the things I ponder are miniscule through her wider doper more magnified telescope, but I'm working to get o her level.

quick question... Barnes & Noble, Borders, or Hastings?? If you don't recognize any of the 3 (bookstores) then you know what it's like to approach life in a state of not knowing EVERYTHING.

*Dancing in my seat and people peeking*

Today has been up and down much like the entire week... Ya'll ready for me to get BACK on point?
I recently had a "friend" ask me  f*ck it let's just quote this lil n*gga..  "Just by chance do you have my jordan flip flops?"


Did you notice the quotes around friend? This question came via text message a day after we had all went out that night. Seems normal right? Only in this instance in order for me to have had his flip flops 'by chance' I would have had to go into his house and literally take them when I was clearly fully dressed to go OUT from head to toe.. Does this sound an awful lot' like stealing to any of you? Or are you buying some1 could walk out with flip flops clearly unaware of what they were doing... 'by chance'??

I suppose if there were no quotes around the word, I would have no problem with the question even if it is STILL a riDICulous question to ask. I'm playing nice now though. It was just an uneasy feeling sitting with me thinking on some1 who thinks their close to me accusing me of such a dishonorable act. Smear my character why don't you?

Anyway I called him on this initially my response exactly... "Y the f*ck wud I have ur flip flops? And by chance n*gga? Wtf??"

Needless to say he never responded lol there's more but ya'll get the point. I hope some1 decides to get nosy on me and hassles me until I have no choice but to release the entire convo. It's too 1 sided though lol old BBM users know *The view of my thumbs is the truth*

Controversy, most don't handle it too well and me I'm well, controversial. Those that REALLY know me know this and they understand it's that way because I act and think through the lens of my misguided emotions. Dangerous? Yes. Entertaining? Sometimes. Effective? Not really. Guess I really am stubborn.

However, if there's 1 thing I love about me it's my emotionally charged view on life and those in and around it. So I'm not trying to change that for nothing, but instead learn when and when not to trigger it. In hindsight the lil n*gga was like one of those mafioso hit men in the Godfather movies. He didn't have the brain, or the balls to accuse me on his own merit, and I say that fully confident in my conspiracies. Sickening as it may be.

So while he got the Ether, the others are getting pounds and rounds (alcohol people lol) when I see them cause you know that little quote about friends and enemies right? SMH lil n*ggas

*Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer*

*I got so much to gain in so little time*

_ _

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