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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Classroom "B4" is in session

Easy Chair.

Feeling remorseful night ends I realize I have the power to write in an endless supply of black knights. If I should so choose to abuse what I like. Reading too much thoughts starting to blur damn it' I'm sorry' words never spoken to her. Word to the curves life's throwing while showing mortals are a step away from the portal to end their life. Take consideration for a second what's going on in your life. Different plots created for a chance to make a statement or a mark. Either way we work not to be forgotten and left in the dark. My anger serves as the flint that aids the sparks whatever life is hard. But damn it can't you hit pause for a second? Or are we too into dividing sections at a time for us to feel fine with what's neglected? Not another step then dreams deferred word to me but from you not a peep. Hmm? I know your lined in sight with what I see so imagine me surprised at the lack of support I receive to fuel my dreams. You got me open but empty riding on E fuck. Chill I'm sitting easier here then I ever was reclined over there. I like your chair a lot but it clouds my judgment and cuffs my thoughts, when I needed hugs.. Plot thickens while rotten chickens go in for an ending this. Play it cool if you want to noble dude but come on really? Your demeanors quoting T.I. And I'm the 1 that's silly? Loord get me if I'm misinterpreting incorrectly or over stepping what u had planned. If my path is that by chance of constant reprimands then I'll walk on while trying to gain a better understanding. Knowing that I sin, just a man then. so if THIS is the path god placed for reprimands. I need to accept it and forget about understanding. My stage is, my cage. that fair weather makes difficult to gauge your fair whether its hot but cold in ways that horrible enough for me not to say. This is the spot for me red burgundy inclined to recline back to my mindful burglaries. Don't step in my face if your words are just hurting me.. Someone curtains please!

If u haven't noticed these aren't really edited (sorry). Anyway the lesson of the hour? Who's path are you walking on yours or theirs? 'Chilleth Fair'

Turtapolous Rex
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