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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Real Quick Ya'll Feeling the "B4" series?

What's good? My box is empty =( I'm not tripping just wanted to break down this classroom  "B4" series for ya'll real quick. So I write quite a bit in my spare time (Rubin, Rough N Rugged, and Reeses know), but so much of what I share is too broad for most of you. So I decided to break it down. The first example of this is the 'Can The Blind Lead The Blind??' post, which I consider a prelude to the classroom "B4" entries. Which are all written with the help of Reeses as to avoid me NOT giving them to you. I want them to be as organic as possible which is why each 1 focuses on a specific topic I find myself going through right now. Also why they aren't edited (which may confuse some who really pay attention to the little things I do with WorDs but if it gets to flagrant I'll edit it and let you know I've done so.)

The point is to hopefully touch on something some1 else is feeling too while revealing secrets of my mind. Meaning feedback, conversations, and comments are all very much appreciated. It's kind of important that you pay attention to what your reading though. Unless face value is cool to you, I wish I was like that sometimes it would save me a lot of time lol.



Wasn't that the purpose of the blog in the 1st place? Whatever, I'll leave it up to you to decide if these entries differ from the 1's in the past. I know they do a great deal and I know HOW they do, but I'm not telling it on here cause it's dangerous.

Remember there's 2 parts to all of this.. we are 1 prelude and 2 classroom "B4" entries in I can't tell you how many will fall under the "B4" category before we move on to the "afte(a)r" section of it all. Just pay attention I really want to see if this offers the results I expect to get when they are both done and complete.

*self control is a motherf*cker so don't lose it!*

Any1 seen T-Rex?

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