Now it's this, blame.. Yup, I do.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


For the paranoid. For those that think of things with imaginations so vivid they eventually become reality. 
I don't want paranoia driving my thoughts tonight. I want to feel as if all of my limbs and vital organs are working because I know I'm healthy. I think I'm healthy. Mostly I deduct from the numerous activities I conduct that I am healthy. So my mind should think healthy thoughts. 

My heart is strong as is my mind. My eyes are clear as is my mind. My friends are real.

I should chill time to dose off. Pray for me. +) 

*IF it feels too good to be true well than it aint... Oh snap! That's so Raven That's so Raven That's so Raven That's so Raven!!*

_ _

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