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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Conversations with Rubin

I've been having some deep talks with Rubin trying to let him voice his concerns with where I'm heading. First off I tell him be cool, I know it's tough dealing with me my dude but just know that we are in it together. I think he understands now.

Which means new sounds can now work towards being accepted. It's been silent for too long.. Well not really, but I don't consider your noise audible noise. My dude proved that a LONG time ago, but I just got it last night.

106 n Park is just interesting.. I see what ya'll like though, and I'm not mad. Just trying to understand, and that's where I'll be (mentally) for awhile. Do you think it's backwards to gain understanding of others through music they may or may not accept? I wonder...

I really should point out I'm in a very bitter part of my life. Meaning I feel like a veil has been pulled over my eyes while I've been spun around for greater disorienting affects. The results is me not giving much of f*ck right now. I'm telling you cause it honestly scares me knowing I'll act 1st and think later. There's no telling I'll be guaranteed my later diggeth?

Getting kind of weird now...

*tacos then pop up then well... tacos*

_ _

hold u down

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