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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What I really meant was

Why people think me walking away is me throwing something away? Don't quite understand that, I feel like I've been throwing sh1t away for quite some time, and I just started understanding that. See I knew I was trash or resembled such because I was discarded, and left in the muck. Dirty as what's on the inside of the street sweeper trucks. The lining of bucks becomes rare to the touch, I've come to like the holes in my hands. Liking is an overstatement but the hole left from my man's is still strong standing or floating... But get some money honey I know you got yours, kinda left me floored. Sick of being ignored but that's a "tossup" at the worst. More cents might prove to make dude rude and lose sense, but a humble streak peaked out with 1 inch and 6 feet. Terrible things wait, let me pop up. I got incredible grooves to change moods if I wanna. Baby talk. You know I'm gonna do whatever I gotta, but let me hit this first get on with my lazy walk. 2 in 1 not 2 for 1 that'd be a good deal. Word to the cigarette shop around the corner from the spot with the 5 red lights.. not a night so I'm not over there but maybe a close by night will find me back over there. With my stolen fears looking up at me, I wave goodbye happily.  To the left of me she, but even she shape shifts so frequently forcing me to travel back through the past just to find a pretty memory. Went left, and got left. Went back and got blasted through reality checks... You know so society could say whether or not I passed it? What you think? Like, really, did I pass it? Let's just assume I'm in the back of the classes. Paying more attention being quietly more attentive then the people in the front of the class. So they say look at this classless ass spazzing in here. They don't care that I'm dirty poor and hurting let alone hard working. They got a problem with me cause I'm not there! Come on, I can't be everywhere... Can hardly stand to be inside my head. Hard to stand without reaching for my meds. Pretty long lasting prescription for what I've been depicting. Feeling invincible could be good or bad, when I get to feeling like that my actions aren't sensible. Get a bag fill it up with my most important stuff. Contemplating if bringing my dog along will make it all too tough. Lying on my back wondering how the stars see us, until I'm blessed enough to seal them shut on my own. Feeling like home is where my feet are. That's pretty hard, or soft... Laughing in the grass I feel its time for my mind to sneak off... Really i was NEVER there so here, and hear understanding to why I speak soft... Still moving, on lost but at least it's not off...

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