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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just got Real

Transmitting from the future back into the past... Back to the future... The proverbial sh1t has hit the fan. I'm EXCITED! You shouldn't be, but if you were that'd be cool. What I saw in the future:

Cancer isn't cool at all

Love is love and no1 gets it

Military benefits

Militant thinking/actions

Country music ruled the world

Rock & Roll made a strong resurgence

Hip hop was on welfare (not lying)

Cinemas stimulate... literally (Eewww)(...or...)

TV is the new Cinema.

Divorce terminated marriage

Babies are still being born
With said shift in the media paradigm things are starting to look up for the youthful generations, albeit is still way too early to be completely sure.

And you don't want to know what you can do with you mind and a bottle of Pinesol! lol

Mr. Clean DID grow hair btw. Sorry Wayne it turned out to not be that "rare" after all.

Giggles and such kind of screwing with this transmission, 1 chance to talk to ya'll bout what I've been seeing (in the future) blown by the above... Gotta get it together, I thought I had it but no, CLEARLY not the case.

... Now about that tv... It was here, it may be while you read it but damn I don't want it in here. Gotta go to work.

For those that know my time traveling is pretty OD with it, guard your ears and eyes there's wild misinformation out there. Only believe the crazy unbelievable stuff from me... or Chris or the other guy.

They're all cool promise!

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