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Friday, November 5, 2010


Feel really guilty about the list. I destroyed it before leaving you 4 and now I feel like I need to just do away with it completely. I'm not out for a cry for attention honestly but that's what I end up feeling like because of the list. Tripping. I think about what kind of phones you all have and if they alert you immediately after the entry is published. This sh1t embarrasses me, it's not some look at me type ordeal. I only allow the whole 'look at me' aspect of it all is because the 4 left have shown they care about me. Well you know I care about you all, and this blog isn't going anywhere (yet). Just don't forget the address.

A lot of writing to do while Marley prances around. I'll publish (with no list) and those who read will be reliving in MY PAST. Old entries. VERY relevant. Kind of cool I think... Hopefully we can catch up together or I'll be stuck with the four dark walls. aka my own joke nobody got aka myself(er)... Those aren't fun, ask Jess.

*11/4/10 ... it's not over. I'll get you back.*
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