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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The leather couch

"Well if I wasn't here I could never annoy you with my blah blah blah, would you rather that be the case? Think about it..." That's an old quote from Chris said frequently to those who felt his presence was 'annoying' at times.

Interesting way to think about it, and I think maybe the correct way for all to think about loved 1's. We take too much for granted, and granted, most are doing just fine with his 'disappearance' I'd like to think some1 kinda wishes he was there to annoy them 1 more time.

The rain has started to fall *hint hint* and instead of feeling in control of 'A' situation desperation is starting to set in. I sit back and watch n1ggas lose they minds all the time. Stress, weed, and 'Great Expectations' will do that to most anybody. What a 'great' book btw... Gotta find that somewhere for other purposes.

Still it's a little weird watching the psychological effects take hold of some1 you've known to be 1 way your entire life, or period of time you've known them. It doesn't scare ME like I thought it would, it intrigues me. Chris falls apart, and most others fall into habits. At some point whatever your falling to (ie running from/to) can and will catch up to you. "People need hope..." right? So who's the 1 with it? Why always 1 I want a group of them b1tches.

At the moment if I laugh too hard I'll blow out all my stitches, my face healed okay and I'm super thankful for that I do plan on going back out there some day. Back to the topic, Grant trained the Granted Gang and they took everything for all it WASN'T worth. Now I'm stuck in the dirt that's turning to mud trying to make sense of it, sinking in my own mini flood (it's raining). I need water proof equipment, or just none at all. People may need to side eye me for my ability to part with 'awesomeness' so quickly and freely.

That leather couch though... I never parted from the souls I came to know. Might've discarded them at times but look down and ask yourself if I've been there... Honestly honesty is all we need. I'm somewhere fine for now, but I remember how it felt peeling myself off of that couch. Your's wasn't the only 1 I had to but it may have just been the last I'll gravitate to.

#nomadic if I have to be

and I've let twitter take over my blog... Social networking is something else. Got a lot of tucked F U's under my belt, but I won't hide behind numbers or hash tags. You'll feel what I've been saying, and then I'll be gone again.

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