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Saturday, April 23, 2011


I've spent the majority of my time recently figuring out ways to improve myself in the eyes of you. so at 3:15 in the morning with nothing left to give, I've admittedly fallen victim to the impending failure looming. I feel weird about classifying anything as such that way, but I also feel like when you give so much and come back with so little to show you gotta keep it real.

I'm going to just leave well enough alone and deal with dead*ss being alone. I need to be dependent on me, not worried about spending my last in savings to keep us rocking doing what we love only to turn around and hear complaints about gas that I was told you were getting back... See that's the thing about relationships that matter to you. Even when you feel wronged your willing to just keep going because at 1 point that was your world. I was there at 1 point, I can't lie even been moments I felt like I had it all back.

However, with that said I can acknowledge outside modifiers and the importance they played in pulling the wool over the seeing-eye windows...

Things just frustrate me so much, mainly because I truly believe they are unfair. I hesitantly approach opening up to people because I don't trust them enough with my sensitive well-being. My state of mind is such that if you want to wrong me with fully functional ammo I've neatly laid before you, I'll let you. Maybe even more than a few times, but when I tell you 'Look that last round really took something out of me, let's take it easy' you should probably do your best to listen.

I. Really. Don't. Know.

I wish creative ideas would flow this freely when I need them, all these suggestions to MYSELF about what to do is wearing me out, but the audacity of these current circumstances has invigorated my spirit. I don't know whether I'm angry, inspired, hurt, adamant. I just don't know, I'm sick and f*cking tired of not knowing. Not because I'm against ignorance; I am, but in this case I can't properly function correctly thinking for 2. Not when neither of us is on the same page...

{music Brake}

*Mistakes are just mean*

Music is still there though, and I find that in times like these I tend to forget how heavily I relied on it and Marley (whoo) to get through things. Ya'll was there don't get me wrong, and I love you for it, but this has to be me. Everything points that way, and in hindsight I've managed to mess up and take myself so far from who I am that it's ridiculous. It only becomes that much more apparent when you need your image 'protected' to massage your peers' need for a stab at equivalency.

I'm not POINTING THE FINGER. I've f*cked up been f*cked up and f*cked too many people over. For that, I'm left with a heavy reassuring bag of guilt to carry around with me. Right or wrong, THAT'S what it is.

I told myself alright man, here it goes back to the old you. Don't hold your tongue, don't ignore your instincts for bad situations. Don't put yourself in positions to move with people that don't move the way you do. I ignored all of that, simply because I'm confused in love. Find me 1 person with feelings for another, and if they aren't confused give em my number dead*ss.

Every1 I've talked to seems to be going through rather similar tribulations as myself which is somewhat calming to acknowledge. However, it made me think about WHO I have around me, and WHO I'm talking to. I know people have walked their own way leaving me to figure things out before because I wasn't mentally, physically, or spiritually ready to be with them. Not excluding males either, this is all genderless. Just saying I understand it I get it. I see so much go on and people are lost like no clue lost.

I get the the things that happen to me. I get the power of the things I say, and I get the overlaying messages I convey. People don't give me enough credit... Hey, maybe I'm THAT F*CKED UP. Seems to be, some1 HAS to be.

Just too much inside right now and I don't have the proper releases to let them out. For all the flack I fall under for my interactions with females, it's my male counterparts that have really held me together in the past. Just to have that familiar perspective that's still willing to tell it to you as brutally honest as needed is a Godsend.

Part of that's missing my 1 dude just wanna f*ck b1tches and look at me twisted when I say I really don't get it...

I won't turn this into a freewrite but come on, I'm moving places solo, not because I want to, but because every1 I know is either unwilling to or can't keep up. The solution is in me.

I just need to be a great friend. Like all world. It seems to me every time in my past I've managed to do this I've developed outstanding relationships. The only issue with this is if the aim is FRIENDship then it should remain so. In the past human nature has threatened to quell these intentions. Now, there's really no excuse and I don't give 2 sh1ts about some chicks Vaginal slit.

So that's why its difficult to be around Males and not feel stagnant. Whatever. I'm tired, the light makes me want to sleep and I think I'll reward myself. Tumblr is addicting and should not be entered into unless that person has an overabundance of self control. That may have been more addicting than twitter... Well not twitter at it's highest point but yeah POPPIN.

Definitely spent 4 hours looking at different things. I'd hand out the link here but I already did you people don't pay attention! Well I went from a sh1tty day to a worse night and I never slept, so I guess this is the start of the same thing. Although I hope and wish it's different. My interactions will be business related, anything past that is a reach.

I'm going to pat myself on the back for accomplishing some secret goals of mine. Jess knows, however in her privileged position, a lot my vulnerability has come under fire. Take that for what you will, but DEFINITELY REMEMBER THIS. When some1 opens up to you, and you decide to use that information to hurt or belittle them in any way shape or form, your doing yourself a disservice.

No other way to say it. If some1 trusts you with something you better damn well make sure you cherish that privilege. Having lost quite a bit of trust this last year myself you gotta understand I'm only speaking from experience.

Goes back to the loyalty/turning your back on people. It's not me it's not in me, and I don't expect to 1 day wake up and be ok laying something I cared so much about (cause let's be real I love my people to death). I realize that it's THIS that has me where I am today, like this very f*Ckin minute.

Some things so minute, are vastly enormous. In my eyes damn near all the little things are. Or at the very least they lead up to some big sh1t going down. Either way I'm exhausted literally and with this subject at hand, It's hard to write when it does nothing for me.

Absolutely nothing.

"I'm not really about having a filthy mouth, but fucking b1tches be sh1ttin on a n1gga, and never hear me out"

_ _

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