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Saturday, April 23, 2011

True Blue Alright

"waking up at 12am ready to go, but she's not so I force my eyes back closed"

That must mean you don't trust sh1t that comes out of any1 else's mouth. I've been patient and given all I can give to have it spit back in my face. honestly it's f*ck everybody. I see how far I've gotten taking the high road and honestly I'm no where near impressed, disappointed actually.

It's not the end of the world though, a valuable history lesson tells me that these things tend to happen. Love has a weird way of causing people not to think correctly. Yes, I've fallen victim to this sort of thing and imagine I'll victim to it come very soon in my immediate future. How I choose to deal with it will determine exactly how far I've come.

No gas... Anyway I'm mad disrespectful and presented with mad ultimatums. I'm basically wasted without being wasted and without the side affect to not care.

The pursuit of unhappiness.

"This is the last disrespectful thing..."

Respect the time spent toxic or not.

_ _

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