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Friday, April 1, 2011

New Old inspiration

I may be moving to LA in a few months. A move is a long time coming whether it be to the heart or to depart from my city it's happening. I've known that for quite some time and shared such information frequently, so really no surprise. I guess I just want to see if its actually going to happen, I have my doubts and my doubts come from familiar letdowns. Let it all go is what I should do, and I will for now just wait and watch day to day. A change would be great though...

Music is cool right now I can't even complain she's doing what she has to and so am I. Funny how things can be good for days and days on end but that 1 bad song can leave a hell of a taste in your mouth. Sorry Music, but f*Ck it you started it. in the meantime I am feeling rushes of inspiration and I want to compare what my mind inspired today is to my mind inspired from yesteryear or whatever past inspirational pieces I find... Compare and contrast, while trying not to notice how much worse I've gotten lol

*We talkin' bout practice!*

Nah I think I'm ready to jump off this '2-year-stay plateau' I've been getting comfortable with. I mean, damn it HAS been 2 years out this b1aaa.

Who remembers 'BIA BIA!!' ?? smh now that's some sh1t, but hey it was inspiration to some1. I feel I don't go in like I used to. Too concerned about feelings and whatnot, which really sucks in my opinion. This was supposed to be for me, but I guess if I'm reaching I gotta have something to reach out to.

Music... Something different this time around. F*ck with me.

_ _

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