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Friday, April 29, 2011

With that in mind...

I'm planning on simplifying things breaking them back down to the bare minimum in terms of happiness and unhappiness. No grey areas, just are you feeling GOOD, or BAD. when I lean to the right everything light diminishes and I'm left in darkness. I can't sit in the dark for too long without wondering if I'll ever see light again. Everybody's cool with that sh1t, I'm dying trying to be like them.

Apparently, I'm too sensitive. Yeah I am sensitive. I could continue on with a list of what I am "too" much of, but that'll just bring THAT feeling I spoke about last time back, and I'll feel physically ill. Then I'll slowly become mentally ill diagnosing my physical stature. Followed by a loss in spirit f*ck...

Music/Basketball. It hurts to even think about basketball much, but I'm going to dive right back in. As I'm descending headfirst into that I'll be receiving an earful, that will hopefully keep me where I need to be and restore some of that spirit I've lost.

N1ggas just want to f*ck 'b1tches'. Girls all hate on each other, and we've shown the world how to be destructive with a full set of cards at our disposal. Here comes that sick feeling again, my heart hurts my head is way too light right now. See I'm in the middle of a sick realization. I don't change much of anything... Either way it's still gonna keep moving. Like we're all so minimal in the grand scheme. Here today, gone tomorrow.

But there is some light. Not enough, but some is all I can ask for right now.

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