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Friday, April 29, 2011

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Blu Interview With Gowhere Hip-Hop from GY312 on Vimeo.

Crafting a NEW top whatever list. He's definitely on it somewhere near the top.

I constantly speak to people about music, it's 1 of the reasons I get through each day. The difference between what I'm pushing and what's 'hot' is quite simple really. Some of ya'll just as shallow as the music you consume. Half of ya'll don't know why you like what you like. Blu, is 1 of the brightest examples I can find.

Constantly pushing the envelope a la Kanye/Lupe (These references are for the shallow listeners to understand chill I know.) never satisfied with the boxes critics placed him in. I want you to keep in mind, every Blu release has been critically acclaimed, meaning he struck a formula for his music that was received extremely well. That may coincidentally be a gift and a curse as some fans (such as myself) have longed for him to go back to older styles/sounds. Bottom line, whatever he's doing and however he's doing music he makes a dope *ss product.

I almost forgot this was despite lackluster sound quality (due to very bare minimum recording tools/space)!

Need more? He's been cosigned by every major act in the game. In other words, he just may very well be your favorite rappers favorite rapper. Part of the super collective The All-City Chess Club (ACCC) spearheaded by the aforementioned Lupe Fiasco. Look it up...

In other words, he's done EVERYTHING right up to this point. With the major label backing he has it's interesting to see where his career will go from here. 1 Thing I absolutely love; a trait I'm learning most all of my artists share, is that he LOVES music. Loves to create music, loves to experiment with music. So while he may never be Jay-Z, unlike Hov (I actually have no real way of knowing this, I'm sure Hov got Albums for days in the can... Ehhh Ionno)he'll always be making music for public consumption in some form. It may not be the type people are hoping for but the point is he does it for the LOVE. I'm sick of this sh1t man, like dead*ss annoyed so many actors out there.

I can't really hate though, if some1 told me I could make millions or 'stay true' come on. It'd be a tough decision, but hey I made those when I was in a position of power before so then again, I can't really respect the 'sellouts' either.

That's why when worse comes to worse I just go with the music. If it's dope it's dope ya know?

Anyway though he's not my favorite, I'd consider him a hybrid of my 2 favorite emcees' styles which is a GOOD thing (to me). Lastly, dude production is SLEPT on something ridiculous. That's enough promoting from me check out Below The Heavens, Johnson & Jonson, HerFavoriteColo(u)r to name a few. DOPENESS.

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