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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pondering Logix.

Chill no typo.

Realization was just made... Would I be wrong to take and post from say more 'personal' sources without permission like I do these videos, pictures, and anything else I feel like posting? Would I?? Because I REALLY want to... Struggling with what to do here, controversy just makes things more interesting I'd say. Besides its SOOOOO BORING out here lol.

You ever notice the 1's that complain about having nothing to do often DO nothing?? Another observation.

I'm over good doing nothing, because when I'm doing nothing my mind is doing the most. *Gotta go coolio* (That means it's getting too hot)

They don't get it.

BIG ups to Pac.

ILLY!!!!! OMG I didn't even rea... yo...

_ _

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