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Saturday, May 2, 2009

blogs about nothing

I love this freaking show!! (Despite the whole Michael Richards f*ckery)
Watching the episode where Elaine dances at her jobs party. (Hilarious)

I'm thinking I need to post a video. So I will when I hop on my laptop
(Which needs a name btw) Somebody told me this show wasn't about nothing
because its about the character's lives. I don't agree, but that's why its
being posed as a question on here from me.

*She can't dance but damn if I don't want her!*

Is Seinfeld really about nothing??

I wish I could be a resident in Jerry's building. Why? I don't know really
it just seems like I'd have a good time, like all the time. Lol zoning this
tough off Seinfeld will make you think about stuff like that.
On a sidenote: Julia Louis-Dreyfus(Elaine) can get it! I might just black
and dedicate a whole post to her.. (she deserves it for the memories she's
Given me lol)

I wonder what I'd have to do to get her?? (Too much too far lol)

I'm on a mission that people think is impossible. Gone!

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