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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ivan what's good though!?

Wooow Remember this so vividly, it was dark out there to me because everything I came in there with was somehow stripped from me. Gotta love what Kansas taught me though. this was more or less me trying to make sense of a falling out with my brother (roommate) Ivan. I love that dude regardless of where we were at and where we are now. Enjoy or don't whatever... (Lmao that's like the official introductory sentence)

True Love (frustration)

I know I'm blessed in life god did me right but I'm stressed my mans is like fading from the light matter of fact to say it best there aint friend in sight and I'd say its been left that way for quite some time now bow out gracefully is what I tried to do these people chased me until I cried a few times let my tears just slide down my face

as I'd drive no destination but the music's there so just riiidde frustration got me over thinking everything people are puzzles the weed is the pieces so I light up and try to think up a thesis as to why we so indecent but every time I see it my stash gets vented meaning I smoked it all blowing the contents out and confessed my recent sins to myself problems put on the shelf I'll be hearing from them

no drugs so say hello to my alcoholic binge all this to search for a reason something that makes sense and can explain our mind state actions and intents but listen I'm just a dude that finds it funny what extended fam will do when their hurt or confused look can't help you cause your trapped inside your mental

letting her use u like a tool and its wack to sit back and act like your not being a fool I understand that its painful shit I went through it too yeah yeah u talking years man I was four deep my dude you need to move or move on or cope with what's she's on but mostly just be strong

cause I loved you for that when we first connected but all this depression is leaving me depressed kid you filled the void that my older brother left me with but as the year went on I felt like I was doin what the older brothers did she broke your heart and that's when it started

you a shell of yourself homie and that's why I departed sit you down can't talk to me like a man I'm just trying to help at the very least understand what's goin on inside your head because in mine I'm dead

this isn't me and countin on that cali soil to set me free a touch from she all that just to let me be bumpy road ahead of me but I know there's something god's telling me this can't be for nothing no mistakes from upstairs so fuck any excuses your all selling me.



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