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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Parks and Apartments

Still going through what should be labeled the preverbial self loathing cycle of the day. Not because I loathe much of self, other than my inability to stay away from such uneventful celebrations. 

I guess there's no need to explain my mood entirely now. 

It's nice out, and the food did hit the spot but is it bad to feel like it's time to wrap it up? I suppose the worst part in all of this is I will not budge anytime soon. 

Meroki what's good? We haven't talked since you said we weren't going to be able to talk due to bad reception, distance, etc. So how are you really? For once this is my only real means of 'intimate' communication. 

For the time being anyway... I can't decide whether I like not having a phone or not. I guess it's best to say it has it's pros and cons. 

Hip hop is killing right now! Individuals deserve their own posts but shout out to the 1's putting in that major work right now. I've been listening to the following artists:

Eminem (recovey is crazy it's hard to listen to anything else right now.), 

Drake (the backlash he's getting for thank me later isn't at all warranted. However, good points are being made. Soft or not I like the album.)

Fahawn (just dropped his much anticipated mixtape 'ode to illmatic'. I haven't listened all the way through, but he was going in. I didn't know he could rap like that. Dead*ss.)

Jean Grae (uhhh need I really say anything. She's just nice yo.)

Royce da 5'9" ( bar exam 3 is bananas! I hate skinny jeans track is hilarious)

Charles Hamilton ( there's a new Hamilton project dropping any week now. Hyped.)

Jonelle monae (different. Haven't heard RnB this refreshing in awhile. If you can even call it that. She's dope though)

I think that's all.. I've been trying to open an ear to Rick Ross, but no real luck there lol. I can't wait to here big boi's album though. 

That'll bring inspirational nights wrapped in funkafied backdrops and something mean to make me cough. Ehhh... 

Winding down. Feels that way, yet looking at the time I know this can't be true. I want to make a trip to the car my buds are in there along with my tiny computer friend with ALL my music. 

Decisions to make... And apartment shopping. I'm not feeling not feeling Sacramento, hopefully I can change all of thAt with the current path I'm entertaining. 

These little n*ggas is mad cool. Bad. But. Ultimately mad cool. Their plotting how to touch more cash for the summer, can't say I'm condoning jut appreciating tj fearlessness of ignorant youth.

I once shared their jaded perspectives so believe me no judgment going on here. More like slanted observations.

I need a haircut, or to continue avoiding that which I know I need. Either choice is fine if I'm willing to stick with it. My face is a monster on some Wolverine sh*t though. No worries there.

I thought I just saw Kiddy, gotta smile at that. Which only reminds me of Char turning that smile into A big corny boyish cheese. *sighs*

Meghan's views are wack and I don't mind stAting so. Just because things are different doesn't make them wrong. People have to learn to start letting go of these fabicated (by who?) truths. 

All those happy thoughts are either going to turn into something negative or positive standing depending on how the rest of this basketball conversation I'm eavesdropping on Goes. Smh lakers are ok, I really wanted that last game though. 

It's a plus for the NBA to have both teams playing so well. I just wig the refs would stop with the suspicious calls. It's getting a little out of hand. 

I'm feeling like these looks are telling me the phone needs to be out of my hands. If that happens however, I b-line it to the car for prior mentioned audio devices. 

Don't know where my friends have been and that's moreso my doing than it is their prowess at subterfuge. Is that even right?

Ahh the convo I'm eavesdropping on has switched locations, groups, and topics. 

Hip hop hello. Lol

Damn it just hit me these kids are going to see some parental guidance in the near future. Wonde how all that's gonna play out...

Dj khaled, timberland, swizz beats as rapper... Snooze. I won't subject my ears to anymore of this ignorant banter. 

To the car !


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