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Thursday, June 24, 2010

No Need to Complain

Not sure how that title fits this entry at all but it's all good I suppose.

This was interesante if I may say so myself. I don't know, I feel like if these 2 actually engaged in a classic hip hop battle of sorts it would definitely boost attention to the female emcees.

My only thing is this, these 2 are very 'pop' oriented artists and I feel like all of that should be left out of this. This should be about who can rock the mic the best. F*ck everything else. Nicki Minaj is an exciting new talent to some, and Lil Kim was that chick to most at 1 point. I feel like in hip hop anything should go if it's in the spirit of hip hop.

I agree with Jadakiss though in that Lil Kim should stop talking about it and be about it. He didn't say it that way, but he's right. The kids run this sh*t and the kids want to hear some damn music. What do ya'll think??

hip hop ftw??

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