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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Comeback tour

Cause so many of ya'll missed this prequel to the sequel that aint even out yet!


Because I love it. 
Because I hate it.
Because I doubt if I can recreate it.
Because I'm jaded.
Because I get way too faded. 
Because it's nothing really.
Because I'm something silly.
Because I'm stubborn beyond belief.
Because my past still hurts me.
Because I love that too.
Because I miss those dudes. 
Because I want to feel relieved. 
Because I need my family.
Because I'm walking joke.
Because potential is nothing but 'hope'.
Because that's my mother.
Because I love her, and her, and her, word.
Because I'm easily confused.
Because I feel constantly abused.
Because I accept it.
Because I'm used to doing the misusing.
Because I'm dead wrong.
Because I'm always dead right.
Because I love to write.
Because I think I'm out my mind.. sometimes
Because wish for every1 to understand in time.
Because I spend too much going for mine.
Because too much isn't enough.
Because I love to love, catch a hug.
Because there's no ending in sight.
Because I hardly say goodnight... to myself

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