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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Star Void

don't believe or dream if need be. but I'm throwing my hands up to the void getting annoyed already in the sky feeling bigger than the guys who left me by the wayside. Guess it was oh well I see I spell whatever words come across my modern cross walk yeaaaaaaah. Having fun with it just to say
but listen none of these b1tches get it innnnn. not even make seeeeeeennnnnnnssseeee lol but since i'm more like the sh1t I'm so over confident in what you assholes won't get.

ok i got it. 922

dumb shit no longer fun if drama is all u deal with. Turns to numb shit. I know the feeling, I think a little too well. Yet I still look down at my two feet and my dog somewhere near to the left is always she and I'm left contemplating how I put myself in these positions constantly back to back wanting more than is there to begin with. I'm sickened with scripts from the census my love has been tough this might really be the end of us.

~this might really be the end of us though~

I don't remember this at ALL so #Uknow! Lol smh

_ _

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