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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Indifferent 2

What a difference a year makes! I'm feeling some kind of rejuvenated and ready for what's already coming. Yes, pink and green are 2 of my favorite colors, no not THIS shade of green. NOT to be read into, because that would just cause more problems... 1st blog in  year... Nothing to say except to talk about what's been going on during that time and or why the time was even needed? Or taken. I'm good on a lot right now, worse off on much more but I'm loving it! That's what life is all about. Those that have known me over the past year know how I'm living, and HOW I'm dealing with living that way so let's catch everybody else up, Got topics mad entries, AND I STARTED BACK WRITING! MY NOTEBOOK IS FULL! (Feel free to get me a new notebook... ANY1!  It has to be 1 of them scientific joints that's well binded together. Oh! Get creative with the colors and designs. Every1 else can catch up and learn something new. Try to get it out in a more cohesive (read: drug free) manner, and see what happens yaaa!

I want to shout out the people over at RebelsocieT they got crazy ideas and potential forums once they get the legal ish out the way. Keep doing ya'll thing! Shout outs to my peoples love ya'll. Shout out to 30 rock and the office my shows! (2 nastiest white characters on television? Any1??)*, ps3, blah blah all that good stuff


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