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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Insecure In me

People let yourselves go. If your dealing with me, understand a few fundamental rules that will no doubt make things less stressful for both of us. 1st off, you being uncomfortable just makes me uncomfortable. I'm too easy going for all that what you uncomfortable for?

If you have a vision for yourself, go for it and attack without 2nd guessing yourself. I know a little bit about what it takes to do things that people say you won't be able to do. I never listened. In fact, it never even crossed my mind that I wouldn't do what I set out to do for myself. All I knew is that I would do it, didn't know how but it would be done.

Friends are shaky. That's my observation anyway. I see them trying to conform into a shape that's uncomfortable for them. I see them dismissing old vows to themselves; this happens frequently and honestly, I can't be around it anymore. I took a 2 year hiatus from life as I knew it, and I'm ready to get my sh1t back.

I'm starting to realize we humans make mountains out of molehills to live. To feel alive. Without controversy to drive them they feel dead, numb to most. Even with the controversy they feel that way, but it's the only time they can get others to feel like them. Well if they play their cards right. Think about the last issue you had some1 and what you made of it. Was it even worth it?

When I do that I find that most times I'm embarrassed or upset with myself because it wasn't worth it. I don't like allowing ignorance to cloud my judgement, and when I do I feel like I let myself down, because I did. I'm gonna let things be. Some things are going to be off, and I'll have absolutely no control over that. I need to work on what I can control, so I'm gonna do that.

Ambitious 1's go get it, stop thinking so much. Get outside of yourself and think about what the next person is willing to do that your NOT doing now. Lastly, don't measure your success from what the next person has or is doing. Do you and do it in complete honesty.

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