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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's funny cause...

I was looking and she wasn't... Kinda feels like it's vice versa. I've been there babe; I won't be mad.

I think it's just incredible how much gravity guilt can hold. Not guilt like I f*cked this chick while my girl was out of town typesh1t. Guilt like, okay, we BOTH did the wrong things, and if I can keep seeing how it plays out for us... I...

lost thoughts, and uncertainty come with guilt. Unanswered questions. I feel like that's where it's at. I feel that last line was wack in all aspects lol... Get it together boy.

Marley is a kisser, you f*ckin' licker. So much heat that ALMOST got past the censor people upstairs. Anyway, I'm sure I'm going IN on things that will more or less become true and I'll tell me, "I told you so," but it's okay this time. The correlation has been drawn; where it connects is a little blurry, but you can be safe and call it 'The Beginning and End'.

Sounds so dramatic, and it is. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow, I'm like planning stuff right now Becky OMG...

Wanna know something I feel is creepy? Marley knows when I slip, or fade. Deadass. She senses the different zones and demeanors. This one time, I scared the hell out of her and all I did was slowly walk into the house. No gas. She's nurturing right now, just what I need. Love this bitch.

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