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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

you gon learn D!

"Can I add that he do spaz out..."

I mean...? Really? Lol Chill. I do though. (I Really F*ckin Do tho..)

Before I quickly forget, let me remember I do this; do it fast, and never think twice about it. Unless I'm viewing it down the road, which makes sense, cause then it's a "since" and not "sense" issue. *Blown*

Not really though. ^^ But really though.

Distance can do some interesting things to you. It's been liberating in that I can do whatever because WHOever isn't here. Yet, it's a catch 22 for sure. I need to be able to love justly, without fear of unjust doings. Distance is like the castle potential goings-ons happen.

Could be a case of a TON of alone time, and even weightier thoughts on the brain. Through the brain, whatever.

Other entry for another topic. Look down in the gym, look up and they look too. Then... Awkward. Musical.

I don't mind exploring what people are up to as long as they don't take offense. I'm in a grand position to do so, why not let loose? Still refusing to LOSE. If that's not a rib shot my little flick will have to suffice. Grrrrreat (cause I was going to growl, just not very feline like at the moment)!!!!

I'm late, nothing new there. Hope the parties involved aren't mad. Regardless, take from this what you will, know that I mean only to shine light on the darkness of distance. Pro's and Con's... I swear there was more here.

Oh well, maybe later.

Mad photographs too. Which is just weird.

                                                   (NEW TAG)

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