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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Angel's Touch

If you could imagine your very own guardian angel what would he/she/it look like? Would it be something out of a fantasy world, or resemble some1 you already know?

I think about this a lot. Moreso when I'm upset left with my thoughts playing ping pong back in forth inside my head. Yet, while I hae ideas of what my Angel may be like, she's faceless. Yes, my angel's a chick, I suppose I never will learn my lesson.

"A lot of truth is said in jest" Eminem

I always pay attention to the 'jokes' people throw at you. Malicious or not, that's just the way I've built my mind up to work. I've been tossed out of the apartment FINALLY. Can't say it wasn't deserved, can't even say it was reserved for me, just that some 'jokes' take too much of a toll for me to look past.

Hmmm who reading this wants to live with me? It'd be interesting, You have to have a love for all things that go boom and bap lol. Dead*ss though, potential roommates needed. I'd rather not have to worry about footing it alone, but then again, maybe that's EXACTLY what I need to be worrying about.

You really can't be afraid of fatigue... But I'm set in my fatigues uncomfortably blending in. I now have the wack task of finding the moment ripe enough with good feelings to surpass the ugliness of the past just to leave, and get my shorts back...

I'm sick of bullies. Sick sick sick sick sick sick sick to my f*ckin stomach. I can't decide what bothers me more though. The fact that I knowingly let these things happen, or the fact that I don't do anything about it. Sick.

Truth be told, I take as much as I do probably subconsciously out of guilt. I wasn't the nicest little boy running around, but still enough's getting to really be enough.

I have no shortage of experience when burning things up to irreplaceable status', and fear that's about where I'm getting ready to pack my bags and head off to. I'm just trying to give my Angel a face before I do. Don't want to be alone trudging through a dark swamp, and I want to know what the Angel holding my hand through it all looked like.

Fed up... Something in my left hand feels broken, Its crazy swollen right now. See Ivan? the OFF hand man lol smh

People getting too loose with their mouths time to check out.


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