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Sunday, June 13, 2010



It sounds weird but Ifind attachments in those gone due to distance latch on to some new friends but they dont fit. It's old sh*t so I do what I have to just to deal with it. Not today though  hate to say so but I'm cold looking past what calms me in my very own soul. To hear it told back to me I'm backwards acting  like I'm 13 well, I do have those jeans. My favorite pair there can't you see I'm undoubtedly stuck on the path to being me. Oh well Its better than being jailed on attempt to be exempt from fails you don't get it though. The thrills the hills the ups and the free falls is all apart of what makes this all go from the start. Never claimed 'fancy' like bogard even if it go hard I'm grounded I don't ever go far. Matter of fact my car's been parked out back just like that for days. So don't laugh when I say mines is brightest thinking about their cheeks perked up and lips flipped the right way. frowns send me downward....

Dedicated to the smiles of Char, Margot, and Julia Roberts

Ok it'd make sense if you saw what was in my book lol thanks all.

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