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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Things to Look Forward To

This is specifically for tonight so lets get it!

I'm thinking some form of alcohol to alter the state ofmind that isn't mine. Maybe I'll find the old me??  Hmm I'll leave it at that. Food! I'm eating good tonight, and I'm not worried about another persons stomach 1 bit, I set this up for myself and people been acting SUPER shady!

Boondocks! Gotta love that show (Peep the older posts), and this 3rd/final season hasn't been too bad. My expectations are usually the same from episode to episode, be creative and make me laugh. I don't get caught up in all the contreversy, cause that's stupid. I'm hunting for smiles and laughs.

I'm trying to beat Modern Warfare 2 tonight. It'll happen, and I know I'm late on this but chill lol. I got the game played the single player campaign mode halfway through exactly in like 2 days, then hopped online. That was the end of my single player voyage right there lol online is a monster on that game.

*PS3 4Life or until something better comes*

Sound familiar?

*scoffs at wedding vows*

I COULD try and beat Final Fantasy 7 tonight as well, although I'm sure doing that would force me to actively be up through the night. I don't know, as much as I want to purchase Final Fantasy 8 I'm going to hold off on the prospect of finishing this off.

Can I just say I don't really like the show True Blood? Yes I know i'm in the minority here, but I don't care that show gives vampires country accents. *NOT COOL*

I may diveI deeper into 1 of my favorite anime shows Trigun. No finishing that tonight, especially with the sh*tty internet connections I've been experiencing. How about this though? I just stay up with laptop in... lap, and talk to you all? I like that idea, but probably the least likely to go down.

I miss those I haven't spoken to in awhile. i had to revert to myspace today *shivers*. I DO need to reactivate my facebook account to get to a certain individual but that's going to be purposefully brief. Hopefully more than a few people will be up with me keeping me company. But if not, then it's back to figuring out who's better than who in the rap world.

No easy task. My head hurts from attempting earlier smh.

That's it for now though, time to disappear into the wind. Goodbye friends.


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