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Monday, October 4, 2010

Bitter but chill

Why a response wasn't given back to you last night I'll never know. I was experiencing many different emotions at once and would like to congratulate some1 I care about for being in such a good place in their lives. Kiki it could NEVER change anything basically. I've done a lot of crying/b1tching/explaining on here to the point where I'd definitely be a liar if I allowed things to change.

My ladies... smh

Huge year for dealing with the unexpected. I'm happy for BOTH of you (Squishy what up!), and wouldn't harp on what I couldn't change at this point anyway. Feel like my message is being lost due to sleep exhaustion or lack thereof.

Here... I'm NOT going anywhere until you all ceremoniously boot me out your life through that computer screen and/or phone call. I'm no psychic, better to let time tell it, I just have a fairly accurate hunch about things like this. Just so long as every1 is happy.


whew... Trying to decide whether or not I'm going to be stuck for the day or walking everywhere until I'm stuck. The options really aren't that different, one is likely to land me in a whole new slew of issues, while the other is less efficient..

Stomach says I need to add fuel to the fire before I do a damn thing, had the fuel in mind but I'm wrong if I do anything involving any1 but her so, no. With that realization made I shift my thoughts towards more important things. I got steps to take..

Remember though I AM bitter, understanding where it comes from will allow you to see its because I know how special the both of you are. Dare I... lol Ya'll know!

*Thinks about editing content*

*Disregards against better judgement*

*Decorations... Understanding, There will be peace, and understanding...* -hums, -nods

_ _

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