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Monday, October 4, 2010


I will be single, alone, and miserable for a long time. The equations really aren't that hard to set up, nor are they difficult to decipher. My lifestyle wants subtract from my needs. My own stubbornness allows me to carry on knowing I'll lose in the end. Some would argue it's stubbornness I'm even still here at all. Call it what you want but I will become, stay, and remain single due to a misunderstanding.

History says a misunderstanding will do much more then land me 'alone and miserable', but I know what I'm saying, so there it is.

Somethings I can't even begin to comprehend sometimes so I say shout out to Alex cause she's playing the same game I am. No telling on whether or not she knows she's losing too, I haven't gotten that far in with her yet. As I'm typing this I'm wondering if content needs to be edited. I've tried to be more open about my happenings and that hasn't really faired to well. Hence me losing.

Feeling awfully sick right now very suddenly.. Need a bathroom..    

That was intense.

Reminds me I wasn't supposed to write anything on here. Apparently this is where I go to talk bad about Jessica people whenever I feel like I'm catching the wrong end of the proverbial sharp stick. well *my fault miss lady, my fault.*                                                

I love Marley she's mine but I think she's been mad at me. I'll snuggle you when we sleep tonight baby!

Too much.

Words are being too kind to me. I should do well to remember to return the favor, but in this case it probably won't happen before I pass out. I'm tripping, remembering things old and new all at once. I hope my stuff's charged up..

smh at the direction this went.

Holds true for everything, this entry is complete.

_ _

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