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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Be real to baby, be real for me.

I'm cut from something strange. This is the conclusion because I'm willing to publicly express how I feel. I really wish others could do this and not feel ANY kind of way about 'hurting feelings' or 'rubbing the wrong'. That's all fair to think about, but in the longterm I think it just stunts progress.

By progress I mean the ushering in of forward discussion, even if that discussion leads to nowhere.

Regardless... Shifting gears.

I'm f*cking mad right now.


New Role Models.

Then this...

Rude Boy was knocking for a minute.

Do you know?

Blogroll flow.

They DON'T understand. How could they?

Walk out the door risk walking out on everything you used to know type sh1t.

Been there with a tight grip on a fantasy I planned to see.

Ouch Trashy style.

She's ill though, inspirational.

He's inspirational. F*ck...

*I hear you miss*

This song is so dope.

Toss a subject, toss a theme. He's covered it.

On some dumb dumb dummy ish.

Frank Ocean comes to mind... But you don't like him either.

Chop it off to top it off.

I want to hug her. No, hold her... How innappropiate.

Goodbyes.. but next time...

*Give it to me baby*

Just make it real.

Best entry ever.

_ _

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