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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Idiotic ish,

Why does every1 think this is me? I know I speak in 1st person but it's a trip from the mind in which it's created to the fingertips to the screen you read it from. People keep threatening me to be out indefinitely. You gotta understand while that may actually be something I'm terrified of, it's happened time and time again. Which means, there's obviously something causing it, and secondly, I'm not a stranger to the sh1t. Besides threatening me just makes me push for the outcome.

I'm definitely the speed off the cliff and try to figure out what to do before we crash into the ground type. F*ck the dashes.

So much I don't understand, and it's definitely not peace over here. I'm still trying to get over the fact you can think yourself into an unhealthy submission. Stress is 1 hell of a killer. Asthma too.

I'm on the verge of losing another friend. As soon as I type that I'm prompted to "say bye right now..." I don't understand people. There's so much I don't understand...

Living through mazes shouldn't be this fun though, I'll give myself that  much. I've LIVED while dying. So it's literally f*ck how people feel, I've had fun through the darkest days. Dark days will lend way to lighter 1's I believe that.

Let me pose this question: If I take words from some1 and write them out without crediting that person, what are you left with? Words right?

That's the main reason I can't f*ck with peoples' opinions a lot of the time. It's so EASY for me to hate on people, it really is. Best example of this comes when I mention Big Sean. Dude is wack. That's MY opinon, I don't like him. However, you won't ever here me say he can't rap, because that's a flat out lie. He's nice with it and no amount of personal feelings will cause me to change that stance.

People I associate with aren't this way at all. Example of this is liking a basketball team because dude's 'hot'. Lol Or a rapper... Either way the thing that's important (to me) is usually grossly overlooked. So it lends me to think that I shouldn't inquire about those type of things from that group.

I'm done though.

Title it.

_ _

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