Now it's this, blame.. Yup, I do.


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I know I've talked about this before... -__-

I'm forgetful. =)

So what give em up.

Yo is it safe to say I'm on my period? Cause I'm definitely MORE aware then I've ever been and that's making me TIGHT! I'm happy though I do have some amazing people that really love me. That alone makes looking past the (most likely) minuscule things that bother me a little easier. Let's get into it though...

It's like this, Coach Roth had an issue with players last year because they started acting as if they were owed things. Not in any 'in-your-face' type of way, but just very subtle signs of entitlement. Now I try to model parts of myself after Coach Roth because he really is a great person. I'm happy to say I've known him this long. Where I can't follow suit is how damn calm he was about it... Well he DID address it..

I guess it goes back to what me and Jess talked about. If I address something I'm going to address it. I don't want to dance around it and lord knows I know exactly how I feel about things. So why can't I let you know that as well?

Seems like a fairly fair trade off if your asking me. Only nobody asked me, and I'm a genuinely nice person. I just have terribly destructive tempers. I'm working, I'm working... Anyway I just don't think it's cool for people to start feeling entitled when they have no business feeling that way. Always open it up for discussion at least. You can't ever really offend some1 in my position if your polite enough to ask. Not doing so just makes you rude.

Do guys grab the door for you ladies? Doing so, just makes them polite. Sure, it's a nice gesture but guys your supposed to do stuff like that. Now NOT doing it makes you a rude *sshole. Basically mirroring these situations. I could go into details but Jess is teaching me the most valuable lesson of all right now, and she thinks I'm trying to teach her lol.

Thank you.


Now that I think about it, enablers are more to blame and should be the 1's that have to deal with the untold wrath of my unsung words. The 1's actually doing the act are just doing what they've been getting away with for days.

Anyway can we just acknowledge that I've been wronged today? In doing so simultaneously acknowledging that I'm on my period? That would help. I'm calming down once again, learning to channel negativity into something less so.

The future is looking like it can at least be made out. So many questions a bunch of GREY. I'd prefer black and white but then again I'd prefer Pink and Green. Funny how all those colors represent more than the eyes can see.


I have a little parting gift for those I'm feeling not-so-happy with at the moment. This is a message regarding you effectiveness in my life, and what you bring to it at my own expense.


*Lotta haters lotta haters lotta haters lotters haters oooooooooooooooooooooh*

_ _

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