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Friday, June 18, 2010

(old) irritation

I'm more irriitated right now then I've been all day. Good thing I had a good day right? Me n Marley were chillin tough today lol not really but she went EVERYWHERE with me, which was kind of cool. Took me back to my Kansas days, the big difference was she couldn't actually come IN many of the places I went to.

In Kansas no1 bats an eye when you bring a dog around. It doesn't matter how big or what it is either, which was cool. Anyway back to my irritation. I don't think I have friends that reciprocate well. I don’t want that to sound like a knock on them either, I just feel like I would do far more for them than a vice versa situation would allow.

I could just be overthinking once again though… This is 1 of those situations I really hope I’m the 1 that’s tripping out. You all should tell some1 what they mean to you, and stop taking people for granted. If I were a stronger individual my absence would be something imitating tattoos. Painful, permanent, and speak volumes to those who care.

I’ve had the same d*mn headache for 2 days running now. I’m thinking it has something to do with my mouth. Some tooth way in the back to be more exact, and its killing me slowly. The worst part is that my allergies seem to heighten the pain and discomfort.

Yo dead*ss people are so backwards. Example: Today I’m walking into 24 (hour fitness), and I was greeted with 3 of the most awkward stares ever. I was so confused, I thought I had missed something but it wasn’t me, or it was… See to hear THEM tell it (Cassie what up! ;-) ) I was too excited/happy, and THAT was weird.


I mean, Char WAS there lol. That reminds me too, I want to get into the mind of a girl that doesn’t want to be with her dude anymore. NOT TRYING TO GET AT THE GIRL. See I know what it’s like to feel stuck WITH some1, but that’s my own very male based opinion.

I’ve heard of girls staying with some1 they don’t want to be with anymore sure, but I haven’t heard why. The ‘why’s’ are the most important part! To me anyway.. I need to find all the ‘why’s’ I can.

*This song playing now..*(convincedindecision)




Is the most comical representation of honesty on drugs. Smh but dead*ss.

There’s not enough ping pong going on, and that’s going to lead to obsessive compulsive behavior. Trying to give the heads up before it’s too late and my blog pays the price.

Realizing you’re not strong enough to deal with some things can be scary, but to me the realization that I’m not happy is depressing. Go figure. My face is killing me… AKA my head. I know how that sounds but it IS my face AND my head. This tooth is going to off me.

I’m REALLY lonely right now lol Marley hold me down!


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