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Monday, May 30, 2011

To those that know.

What's the difference between an open heart and a broken heart? Nothing the only difference is 1 sounds better than the other. Thanks Chuck.

What's the difference between being fired and quitting? 1 of the perspectives changes, along with the benefits you may or may not be able to get (sex/f*cking).

What's the difference between losing some1 you care about, and watching them storm out of your life? Same as the 1st question. Nothing 1 sounds better, the outcome is still the same.

Scrutinize these all you want, because I know that I have my mind made up. Monday morning, after waiting like I said I wouldn't but knew I would anyway the decision has been made for me. So now I'm packing my things and preparing to do the traveler's journey thing all over. Bike, foot, or vehicle it doesn't matter.

I'll have everything I need, and everything I don't want will be ignored.

I've always told kids I coached, "you should be happy your hearing my voice, if I wasn't saying anything to you then you 'd have a reason to worry because that would mean I don't care."

Well, not to say I don't care but yeah, curtains.

Watch my phone mysteriously stop working. F*ck it, I must be writing. I plan to be writing, so yeah, I'm writing.

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