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Monday, May 30, 2011

*Tupac Voice*

This is anothes blog about changes. Too much. I need Pac aqui asap though.

A lot of new changes popping up as I already explained. The biggest 1 taking place very soon is the number of posts being shown on 1 page. I OD'd with the number beforehand because people weren't paying any f*cking attention. It was my own little way of saying F you, don't lie to my face. Now that I'm over that, the numbers will be reduced significantly. Probably down to 5 or 6. That seems about right if I can keep up the pace.

The blog archives are now ALLLLLLLLLLLL the way at the bottom. There's a page link to the side, but I haven't figured that 1 out yet. Basically there's going to be a bunch of new 'randoms' on here, and they won't be very random at all. Pictures included.

I told you my creating writing is getting out of hand. Grab a clue. They are everywhere! Lol

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