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Sunday, April 26, 2009

olive branch

Dead ass my night is peaceful as shit! Lol probably
One of the best I've had out here. Quiet!!!!!

*loong sigh*

Here's the deal though. Rora and Squishy had a plan
to go to the park (wtf for? Lmao)<<--- nah park's
are the sh*t but that's how I was feeling (peep the
last blog) long story short I end up agreeing to go
bout an hour later. Yo this sh*t is mad peaceful.
I'm walking around this lake watching ducks do
Their thing bumping Mos Def. Yo I'm spazzin right
Now! Dumb happy... (Get to the point nigga!)

*the point*

I sent a msg out on facebook for everyone to
Come join me. Everyone being everybody the people
That ave been fueling these angry blogs. The reason?
To end this silly sh*t. So far no one.. Hey, maybe
They didn't see the alert? Well I'm going to
Post it a few more times, and I'm thinking I'll
Be here for awhile (hours). Should be interesting.

Meanwhile I'm anticipating a great conversation with LnF in a little bit.
For now I'm Zoning (ask Squishy and Rora or me baby ;) )
Time to climb the slide. Gone!


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