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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Grrrr Let it breathe!!!

Damn this is some super rough venting I got for ya'll
I'm so sincere about the rough part lmao. Basically
This here is some hot (unfinished) garbage! But in light of that
Its emotionally on point so it is what it is.
LITTLE BIT of insight..

How u sit n another man face pounds n handshakes all that
and still be fake I was real each day my niggas ya'll was
family why wait for me to leave the place to disgrace my
name? And everybody's guilty grimey ass filthy niggas oh
well I know well that you speak like little bitches so time
tells me who was doin all the dirt throwing all this time
frontn like I aint knowing yall was the kane to my abel sat
at my table ate my food smoked what I gave you WHAT THE FUCK
MY NIGGAS?! Man fuck these niggas if I can't be real then ima chill
just sitting with my grill sealed that's why this shit's written let
the tears spill hitting walls ya'll seen the holes that came from the
pain that yall bein hoes. And I'm sorry ladies what can I say baby
I'm emotional. Take it whatever way ya'll know where I stay do what
u do put holes all in my frame hey I've been dead way before today
its nothing to me. I adjusted to be someone who could see the sincerity
in my team even if we aint really speak yall adjusted FROM me! How you gon
say I changed always up in my room racking my brain cranking the bass to make
the beat bang creating space so yall had place or a seat to connect with me
the door used to be open but my nigga soft spoken wasn't feeling my vibes
which is why now when I'm inside the doors closed but the doors ALWAYS open
damn my door WAS always open and brittany was the only one that got it she
lounged I jotted talking wasn't an option but hey I've been that way since
day one I can be alone and think comfortably and when I tried to explain
this to ya'll your statements wasn't matching your actions a couple days
back I heard some chit chat over the speaker on her phone picture that...
And Guess who the subject was?... aint gonna say your name but that hurt
me my nigga can't look at you the same kinda lame I looked up to your tiny
ass in the beginning when we'd sit passing blunts back n forth chilling
talkn bout how we was gonna be killing ionno I had a feeling come to
find out u was one of the main ones illin yo that shit gave me chills
when you hobbled through practice with your back kid eyes wallowed I
couldn't close my own eyelids... Cause then everybody would know and
though I respected you we couldn't let it stop the show see I
remember all that before my roommate wanted to fuck you up for talkin
smack bout some ass yall tapped and jealousy's a weak emotion ya'll
should've controlled that. Its funny and nothing short of wack that
I'm too abstract that (all over a bitch? Fuck a bitch I gotta bitch yall
breakin covenants and now that I'm numb to it all I'm loving it cause
I see it all shovel shit yall spit up out of your face. I don't have
time to or for waste...
And that's how u drop a bomb. Dead ass!! But seriously
Take it for what it is I don't really care anymore (obviously)
Is it over yet??

*thinks some names shoulda been dropped*

That probably means no lmao stay tuned. Gone!


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  1. damn this was long yet complicated cuz im tryna figure out who is who {{really shoulda dropped names}}and probably thinkin too hard but anyway this had a lil rhythm goin. so who is diggin it is....ME



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