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Sunday, April 26, 2009


This night was great!! Omg yo had an amazing
Convo with LnF really put things in perspective,
even though some parts were hard to take (you already
know) for me. I felt reassured once again. Life
will be ok.. Thank you for that cause THAT'S what
love is about.


Oh and she thinks ya'll some bitch ass niggas!


*couldnt help it*

Spent some time with people I know care about me.
Everyone wasn't there, but Squishy and Rora held
it down. Maybe next time for everyone.

--->>MOVING ON<<---

The situation is whatever. (that it?) Yep.

Waiting for my featured artists' poem to get
To my inbox. Should be interesting, ya'll can
do me a huge favor and let me know what you
think. (no its not me, I'm bout to reck this sh*t
in an hour or so) Other than that, I have some
Little Brother (separate but equal mixtape),
Sho TuFli"s new mixtape (the name is confusing
can't really recall right now), Saigon (All
In a Day's Work), and as usual a Charles Hamilton
Produced single by his man's (feautured already)
Sho TuFli. Damn I'm excited lmao. I dead ass get
giddy when I'm bout to start a jam session, EVERYTIME!


*In case you were wondering...*

All that music is dope as sh*t (in my arrogantly placed
opinion), but I'm going to break it down for those
that may not be familiar with the artist featured
(Lmao I keep sayin featured like I planned this)
, and trust my opinion enough to give them a listen.

Little Brother gives you more "grown man perspective"
in their music. Often times hilarious but usually with
a mature everyday people influence in their rhymes.

Sho TuFli is fairly new to me. He's down with
Charles Hamilton's Demevolist music company. From
What I've heard he spit pretty good, and makes his
Own beats most of the time. (Often with CH)
His music is probably a little bit more out the
box. Definitely refreshing.

Saigon can be at times a voice that really embodies
what Pac was about. (NOT A TUPAC CLONE!!) He's an MC
with something to say. Very insightful, and
very skilled. Be aware that his music can be very

That about wraps that up. I'd recommend
into hip hop checking these guys out. If you
don't know where to find them hit me up
( and I'll generously help u

I'm super relaxed now. Bout to get into this
music and zooooooooonnnnneeeeeeee the f**k out!
Lmao LnF u know I'm good for that! Gone!


P.S. Ya'll liking this here blog so far?
Gone! (4real..)



  1. You have me refreshing the page constantly... so Yeah something to look forward to

  2. The word that comes to mind is refreshing..Thank you. mnly



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