Now it's this, blame.. Yup, I do.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

pleasantly overthinking

Damn its dumb early and for some reason I just started
Thinking about the situation I've put myself in among
Other things(Annnnnnnd??). Well and nothing lmao its
Quiet for niggas 4real I'm so past it on that level
Put the gloves on or shut up or worse (*gasp!*)
Play thug like you(all) been doing all year. Dig me??
------>MOVING ON<-------

I'm thinking. I'm bored, hungry, and broke. Sooooo
First I need to make something to eat.. (Thinking grilled
Cheese??) *shrugs* whatever.

*crosses food off the topic list*

I'm kind of wondering how long before my blog is poppin
Like it should be. I got my eyes on a few key people
(All on the best coast lmao) but 4real I'm blackin on ya'll
Who want what!? LnF I need that MC convo we were having asap!!
Still on my NewGirlFriend shit!!
Unrelated obsessed eeehhhhh lol. Beyonce can still get
It though. I feel like they went out of there way
To keep hip hop and Beyonce as far from each other in that
Movie as possible. Like they wanted you to see Beyonce's character (uhhhh what was her
Character's name again? Lmao exactly)and not Beyonce the entertainer
Did it work? Ionno ask the fangirls/(and)boys screaming 'GET THAT BITCH
BEYONCE!' In the back of the theater. *smh*
Insomnia should be considered a serious disease.. Gone!


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  1. her name was sharon and dat girl in the theater was funny lol



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