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Monday, April 27, 2009

Cemetery Silence

Instead of being quiet I wanna be silent
there's a difference between the two you
just have to find it wildin really just sick
of the climate I'm home in my mind roadblocks
I have to climb them back to the cemetery
yeah I'm dead with silence watching everybody
living life this prison like one I created
awhile back should thank god that I'm here
and alive but if my heart isn't in it I'm just
living a lie I realized that some time ago
when things came to blows with my ego I'd have
to decide where she'd go and I couldn't shouldn't
have taken it any kind of way but I guess
that's easier said than done especially coming
from me so alone on a throne that I built for
myself sat around and watched people wither away
at themselves then turn the hate to place the
blame on somebody else doing the same thing so
confusing and logic is my only company so instead of
running I sat comfortably abusing whatever I felt
would do its best to comfort me wanting what I
couldn't achieve reaching out because I couldn't
believe we'd leave out without so much as even
speaking that's reasonable doubt leaving out
all the bs is the best way to say I'm over
it today so its back to the cemetery quiet for
ya'll I just explained silence to ya'll my brand
though where I cancelled any and every desperation
from you and your mans so I'm gone just floating
in the wind like my so-called friends Pac said
it first I just think there's no point in pretending
any longer yeah I'm hurt just wish someone would
give a damn show their worth its tough ODing with
my work I'm so sure on the flipside I'd be there first
but that's alright I told ya'll its quiet you can
see me but don't speak I'm trapped in
cemetery silence.


*I told ya'll I was gonna wreck this sh*t!!*

Should explain this? Hope ya'll enjoy.
See I CAN write sometimes lmao. Gone!


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